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Compass Healing Project goes Virtual and Expands to Colorado

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In a little over a month my practice is taking on a whole new adventure. As many already know, I love the trees, mountains, and the magic of being in nature and for the last 4-5 months my husband and I have been settling into the idea of actually living, working, and creating a healing space where are hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits are most resourced—in close relationship to the sacred life rhythm of water, mountains, and trees. In June we happened upon and jumped on the chance to buy a sweet little home, tucked amongst trees in one of the small mountain towns in the canyons of the Rocky Mountains.

I felt that feeling that some people feel when they know they are walking into something totally new and totally in the flow of what feels right. We are moving to Colorado.

Photo by Matt Howard

After my initial feeling like I had betrayed my wonderful California (born and raised in NorCal), I realized my heart, mind, body, and spirit can now stay bonded to what I love, without triggering excruciating and intolerable loss. I can feel into that bonded love whenever I want and wherever I am because it is embodied. I guess all my trauma healing work has paid off. I have space for it all, my beloveds, the ocean, the mountains, and as I take in more goodness, I do not lose the rest.

We have been taking a lot of time to press the save button with our precious and wonderful community, clients, and beach life here in Oceanside and all the way down to San Diego. I get to hold all of those beings and beloved Ocean within myself as a sweet and brave chapter of my life. And I am ready to officially announce the closing of this chapter and introduce the next.

We will be opening another private practice for face-to-face healing services and touch work in Golden, Colorado late 2019 while staying open for completely secure (and now paperless woohoo!) virtual psychotherapy, consultations, Somatic Experiencing, and nutritional healing support for both California and Colorado! If you are interested in referring or your pursuit of healing check out the therapy, appointments, and integrative healing pages or just straight up contact me come November.

If you are a colleague, client, friend, or potential friend of Compass Healing Project, I want to personally express the magnitude of how the last few years have been a huge part of my dream also come true. Many of you are to thank for that.

Thank you for those that truly know me, and took the time to know me, and see me for who I am. Thank you for those that supported me early on and through my evolution as a healer (you know who you are!). I am in a thriving full practice because of the network of healers that are with me, have taught me how to be with pain, and continue to teach me. Thank you to those that refer to me (and I know you will continue), without your belief in the necessity for wholeness in the healing process, many of your people would be dealing with disconnection if it wasn't for you.

Most tenderly, thank you to those that chose healing and continue to choose healing and came to this healing space in pursuit of transformation, resiliency, support, love, compassion, gentleness, challenging, confession, integration, exploration, discovery, unburdening, surrendering, sanctification, boundaries, repair, capacity, space, freedom, embodiment, authenticity, flow, sexual healing, relational healing, spiritual healing, body-temple healing and let me be in that space with you. Thank you beloveds.

As I head into this next month, closing my Oceanside office, packing up our beachside rental, assisting at multiple SE trainings, and closing up with friends, colleagues, and clients I will be practicing presence like many of you navigating transitions, losses, unknowns, and the pursuit of the life you want and who you want to be. I will nodding to you in my deep breaths, waves of emotion, and moments of recognition that this--life/death/life cycle is at the root of being human.

With lots of love, warmth, and honor,


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