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Mallory Burggraff

Mallory Burggraaf she/her

Licensed Social Worker LSW.0009923202

Somatic Experiencing, IFS, + DARe 

ONLINE Colorado Counseling

Take some of the radiance you pour out for others and turn it inward to shine on the neglected parts of your soul. It’s time.” 

                                              Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, PHD


  • Inner Child Healing / Learning to Reparent your Inner Child

  • Trauma Healing: specializing in Relational Trauma and Developmental Trauma (a.k.a. trauma happening during formative childhood years) 

  • Attachment, neglect, Complex-PTSD, belongingness

  • Building Conscious Relationship with yourself and all parts of you

  • Perfectionism, People Pleasing, Overextending, Over-Busying 

  • Helpers/Givers. Those who tend to care for/focus on others and can lose sense of self in process and want help reconnecting to sense of self, identify, meet unmet needs; identify and feel feelings.

  • Self judgment, Self-criticism and Inner critic 

  • Mind-body Connection. Healing the mind-body connection to feel more connected, present, and grounded.

  • Nervous System Healing, Regulation, and Integration: Fight/Flight/Freeze Issues

  • Childhood Neglect and ways to begin prioritizing yourself and your needs

  • Building awareness and resources for nervous system regulation 

  • Learning/Relearning SelfLearning how to prioritize yourself, identify and meet your needs, identify and feel your feelings, develop sense of self.

Orientation to therapy: Somatic Experiencing | Internal Family Systems | Attachment/Relational lens


Hourly rate, Individuals 18+ years old: $150


  • M. A. In Clinical Social Work from Washington University’s George Warren Brown School of Social Work

  • B.A in Social Work with a minor in Human Rights and Critical Cultural Competency from the University of Iowa

  • Internal Family Systems LEVEL One Therapist

  • Certified Coach through the Radical Awakenings BreathWork Coaching Method, trained with Alexandra Roxo

  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, trained with Erin Anderson

  • DARe Practitioner and Assistant for Diane Poole Heller’s Dynamic Attachment Repatterining Experience (DARe

  • Somatic Experiencing (, In-Process. Beg-Adv I Completed

  • IFS Online Circle Trained

  • Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga: Trauma Informed Yoga Training with Zabie Yamasaki

  • Healing Racial Trauma with Somatic Therapy Training with Dr. Chinwe Williams and Erica Bonham

  • Your Healing Toolkit: 12 week Somatic Experiencing, PolyVagal Theory, and Nervous System Regulation Program with Sarah Baldwin

  • Somatic Coping for Stress Training with Andrea Glik

  • Movement Trauma Healer Training Program through Trauma Response and Crisis Care for Movements (TRACC)

  • Spiritual Activism 101 and 102 Online Course with Rachel Ricketts


  • Licensed Social Worker LSW.0009923202

Why I do this work:

I understand what it’s like to feel as if you don’t belong, as if you’re invisible, like a misfit who has to hide who you are in order to feel safe. I spent many years of my life in that place not realizing the impact it was having on me emotionally, mentally and physically. Over time, the impacts began to become more clear, more painful, and harder to suppress. Through my own healing journey I have been able to cultivate safe relationships with others and within myself. I began to have experiences where I could be more and more myself while being seen in who I am. Now I feel safe, accepted, and even encouraged and celebrated.

It is such an honor to hold space for and help guide folks who are wanting more in their life, more authenticity, connection, and safety to be their full selves. These are all possible and through building safe relationship with others who have earned your trust and cultivating trust internally, these shifts can start to happen. Whether you’ve experienced emotional neglect from your childhood and are unsure how to start prioritizing yourself and your needs, struggle with a harsh inner critic, or are interested in expanding and deepening your relationship with yourself and others; I’m excited to help you connect to your inner truth and inner knowing so you can feel agency and empowerment in your experience.


My approach is kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and consent-oriented. In my work with clients, I bring in a body awareness, relational, and parts work approach so that we can begin to listen to and connect to your inner experience in a way that feels manageable and authentic.

I help guide clients into deeper ways to understand themselves, their needs, emotions, and what’s being stored in their body and finding safe pathways of expression for these. As we build ability to understand and attune to your inner experience, you will also be learning ways to identify and meet your needs internally and with others. You will begin experiencing a deeper sense of confidence in and embodied connection to your full self. This will allow you to feel competent in consistently showing up for and tending to yourself in compassionate and accessible ways.


I know what it is like to feel like you have to do it all on your own or feel scared or nervous to reach out and receive support. I am also very familiar with the burn out and fatigue that can accompany the weight of that experience. We were never meant to do all of this on our own and so much transformation can occur when we feel safe to be seen in all of who we are. And when we get to access the deep joy of being acknowledged, accepted and celebrated. If this resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you and see if we may be a great fit in working together.


Thank you for taking this brave step to seek care for yourself. You are so very worth it.




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We offer this integrative approach, along with EMDR, hypnotherapy, ketamine assisted therapy, Clinical Sexology, and embodiment to issues such as anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief and loss, sexuality, and couples and/or relationship work. Find more info and get to know us on our Blog Counseling can help bring healing and transformation from a holistic perspective here at Compass Healing Project. Our Colorado and California  practices have caring therapists who specialize in trauma resolution, emotional healing, and integrative therapy. Fill out this contact form and we'll help get you started.

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