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Painting Equipments

Groups & Workshops

Women's Empowerment Group 

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A 12-week virtual somatic embodiment group created for women to explore empowerment, voice, the female narrative, sacred rage, boundaries, healthy anger, communication skills, dismantling unhealthy relationship patterns, inner child healing, Shadow Work, intuition and the gifts of being empathic, energy sensitivity, life purpose, embodiment, body image, and so much more.

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Chronic Pain Group 

Image by Jay Castor

A 12-week virtual therapy group for adults struggling with chronic pain. 

In this group, you will be supported to go beyond just coping and managing with the pain you experience, to identifying and reducing or alleviating the root causes of pain on all levels - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. 

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Wellspring of Worthiness

Image by Julia Caesar

It's time to understand the driving forces behind the core wound of unworthiness.

A 90-minute live virtual workshop that will:

1. Highlight the 4 primary root causes of unworthiness

2. Illuminate the ways the imprint of unworthiness manifests in day-to-day life

3. Illustrate the profoundly devastating impact this wound has in your life

4. Discuss the 3 Pillars necessary to heal and reconnect to your unbreakable core.

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