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Natalie Cooney she/her

Lead Therapist + Director | Clinical Supervisor 

LMFT CO .0001680 + CA #94578

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Sex Therapist, Psychedelic Assisted Therapist, EMDR Therapist, Sacred Energetics, NeuroNutrient Therapist, Somatic Regulation and Resilience Touch Therapist and all things trauma+attachment related. 


  • Trauma, overwhelm, numbness & sensitivity

  • Grief & Loss

  • Psychedelic Integration + Ketamine Assisted Therapy

  • Gender discovery, fluidity, and identity

  • Sexuality, sex & desire, sexual self care & sexual trauma repair

  • Relational Work with all configurations of relationships

  • PSTD and Stress Disorders

  • Life Transitions

  • Spiritual community ruptures (Spiritual & Religious Trauma + Discovery of authentic spirit nourishment)

  • Authentic Self Distortions

  • CEO/Business Leaders Work/life distress

  • Spiritual community Leadership training/distress

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Childhood trauma

  • Nervous System overwhelm: Fight, Flight & Freeze

  • Chronic Pain/Chronic Conditions

  • Relational and emotional distress, pain, and wounding

Virtual and In-Person

Rate: $225/hr


Throughout the course of treatment I rely upon multiple treatment modalities and techniques, catered to the needs and goals of the client, symptoms and root causes. At the heart of my therapeutic approach is my own personal journey through trauma to resiliency that allows me to be highly relational, empowering, and safety making for individuals and couples. I am passionate about bringing all aspects of one's self into congruency---emotional, physical, sexual, relational, cognitively and spiritual. As a rule, these modalities only support the process, the client is, ultimately responsible for wanting to do the work in and out of therapy.


The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. It is the life’s work of Dr. Peter Levine, resulting from his multidisciplinary study of stress physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics, together with over 45 years of successful clinical application. The SE approach releases traumatic shock or "activation", which is key to transforming PTSD and the wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment trauma. This approach underlies all the other treatment approaches I use. In sessions we are assessing how the body may be stuck in a survival state, through a relational atmosphere of safety and attunement that allows for tracking and allowing sensations, feelings, impulses, and memories in the body and facilitating the re-emergence of our natural, inherent resiliency and healing systems to come back on line. See more at

Speciality focus and training within somatic training modalities include Developmental RUPTURE & REPAIR, Touch Training: Somatic Resilience and Regulation Touch Skills Training for Early Developmental Trauma, and Attachment-Focused EMDR. 


Natalie has completed the Advanced Clinical Sexology training for licensed sex therapists. You and all you bring to your life is welcome with her. She seeks to create a safe container for the wholeness of the sexual experience, the gender experience, the sex trait experience, and all the versions of relationships. Utilizing somatics and sexology, she utilizes a whole-ness approach to support you becoming more aligned with what creates organic coherence. Hyposexual Desire, Pleasure embodiment, Erectile Dysfunction, tantra practices, reclaiming your sexuality, religious sexual trauma, sex work, whores as healers, sexual scripts, Kink, BDSM, out of control sexual behavior, sexual betrayal, desire discrepancy, pelvic pain and pelvic pain disorders, neuro-divergence, and all that is needed to be named is welcome in the container of work with Natalie. 


Speciality focus and training within somatic training modalities include Developmental RUPTURE & REPAIR, Touch Training: Somatic Resilience and Regulation Touch Skills Training for Early Developmental Trauma. This means, I might work with you to create more regulation from the body up through the use of touch on the kidney/adrenals, brainstem, layers of the body, gut, joints, feet, and diaphragms. See more at


With partnerships and relationships I use PACT as my primary relationship model. PACT has a somatic, attachment, relational, developmental, and neuroscience base that is very direct, effective, and prioritizes cultivating secure functioning in relationships. See more at


Ever felt that one part of you wanted to do something, while another part reacted in a way that felt out of control or out of character for you? This is an example of what types of scenarios that often lead the healing journey down the parts work path. In parts work we map out what parts of you are present and what is your core self, then we begin to bring healing to these younger, protective, or managing parts through the use of the core self. This model, along with SE, SRR and EMDR, is tantamount to fleshing out and accessing the true self.




My training with MAPS for MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy by FLUENCE through Journey Clinical and my experience with none-ordinary states with medicines, meditation, energy work, and spirit centered soul journeying along with my advanced knowledge and skill with working with trauma allows future journeyers a guide for transformational medicine work. Because MDMA and Psilocybin are in a critical period in the post clinical studies phase to be approved by the FDA, these substances and the use of them are illegal in the therapeutic space, however they are determined to be substantial medicines for the treatment of C-PTSD, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, Anorexia, Couples Work and Anxiety disorders. We must wait! Thankfully, Ketamine is on board and available for assisting in a variety of conditions like Major Depressive Disorder, Treatment Resistant Depression, Anxiety, Nervous System burnout, etc. Please talk with me if you are interested in incorporating medicine work into your therapeutic journey with me.


Using most resent research on authentic embodied consent around receiving and giving pleasure intra and interpersonally I work with anyone wanting to explore what authentic embodiment of their sexual self could look like and work on bringing that forth, in addition to building capacity for and cultivating staying with pleasure, while processing the blocks or trauma that inhibits your experience of pleasure.



EMDR is short for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a powerful tool used to desensitize and clear-out stuck traumatic memory, core beliefs, and distress reactions. It requires bilateral stimulation through eye movement, tapping, sounds, or gentle hand buzzers to help the stuck traumatic material to process in the brain towards resolution. This is done in conjunction with SE titration and attention to nervous system window of tolerance techniques throughout. During treatment I work with you using an attachment based protocol to ensure a body and relationally based neural network of security and support is embedded and installed to facilitate the emergence of resiliency, connection, and security throughout the trauma resolution treatment. See more at


As a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, NeuroNutrient and Amino Acid Therapy practitioner, and as a somatic trauma resolution therapist, I get to incorporate and inform our work with how the systems of the body are doing after trauma and chronic stress through assessing nutrition, gut-issues, circadian rhythm issues and what can be done to lesson the load on your system so you can heal. I am not a doctor and do not prescribe or treat medical conditions, I will however, recommend and connect you to well trained practitioners for medicine and work collaboratively to help you get healing with organic or stress-developed conditions.

ENERGY MEDICINE | Applied Integrative Soul Work

I listen deeply, this means I listen with my body, my mind's eye, my heart, and my intuition. My training in language of spirit creates spaciousness, neutrality, and directness about what needs attention and healing. My training in soul processes allows me to work with you on a soul level around your purpose, what is holding you back, and what life is asking of you.


Throughout the therapeutic process I may draw from many different modalities to craft and empower your healing experiences. Some main modalities that I draw from is Internal Family Systems, archetypal and imagery based repair. I also incorporate sexology and sex therapy processes around embodiment and sexual health and the integration into sexuality. Most importantly, I use all of these modalities to craft sessions that look at the whole of the person, their relationships, contexts and micro and macro cultural contexts around heart, mind, body, spirit development, embodiment, modeling, experiencing, and trauma.


Image by Brooke Lark

Applied Alternatives to Clinical Therapy

Not traditional "therapy"

Natalie has advanced training in energy medicine, meditation, altered states of consciousness, soulful and embodied life purpose explorations, integrative nutrition, astrology, and intuition. Using a variety of methods not associated with her Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy practice, she can explore with you breaking free from conditioning and supporting your authentic self without going down the clinical therapy route. 

$225/hr, co-created using intuition, wisdom, and non-typical techniques. Only for the open-minded! 

Image by Aziz Acharki

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Journey with Natalie

Natalie is a trained guide for psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and believes in the power of using altered states and non-ordinary states of consciousness to bring about powerful change to a system that has fixity, bracing, and rigid neural physiology. If you feel that you need more than just talk therapy to change your automatic patterns, Ketamine might be the medicine to begin to open up different options for being, existing, and living the life you want. 


1. 3, 1-hour preparation sessions ($225/hr)

2. 1, 2.5-3 hour Ketamine Dosing Session ($560-600/session)

3. 2-3, 1-hour integration sessions ($225/hr)

Image by Matthew Smith

Retreat-Style Intensives for Individuals or Couples

Want more than an hour a week?

Marathon style therapeutic sessions and experiences for individuals and couples, facilitated by body-integrative approaches adds the sometimes necessary space, time, and fuel that is needed to dig into the depths, change patterns, and facilitate deeper integration.


With longer time, oftentimes over the course of a day or a few back to back days, we can unpack, install, and facilitate a deeper healing experience and create faster change do to the adherence to the facilitated injury and repair cycle, periods of rest for integration after processing trauma, and be a place for renewal after burnout. This, plus adding on learning touch, communication, self-regulation techniques, and nutritional consultation, all within the same weekend or over the series of a few days of back to back therapeutic intervention, might be the perfect environment for integrative healing for you.

Why I do this work:

I remember the challenges of being raised in a family with divorce, first responder vicarious trauma and addiction – the constant confusion, the unpredictability, and the blame. I felt everything and everyone. In an attempt to maintain safety, my feelings of fear, distrust, loneliness and pain became friends I lived with daily. Friends I wouldn't truly come to peace with until I got the space, support, and healing I have learned to give to others now.

Over time the stored memories of my experiences began to seep into my relationships, work life, and my body. Wrought with anxiety and anger, I found myself shaky, tense, and constantly on edge. Disconnect from my body signals for rest, food, connection, space became my normal and I started getting headaches, knots in my stomach and pain radiating down my arms and back in response to my constant overriding.

The body sends messages for us to pay attention to. It starts small and then more and more body systems start showing signs of distress. I started becoming more aware of my body and noticing what I was feeling. This began a long journey towards reconnecting with myself. With the gentle guidance of professionals who knew that what my body was feeling was deeply connected to my inner life, I learned to calm my nervous system. Discovering the connection between my body’s sensations and my past experiences made room for the disconnected parts of my life to process and heal.

Talking about my feelings was helpful, understanding my family dynamics was helpful as well, but I also needed to reconnect with my body. The emotions and the experiences of my past were all there, waiting for acknowledgement, honor and acceptance.


When painful events like rejections, abandonments, and violations take place in our lives, they are stored in the nervous system and need to be addressed at that level. I help clients process stored memories and unlock feelings that are stuck in yourself. I help you release trauma and move forward. Reconnect, settle, sort, process and integrate into the person you were designed to be. I’m grateful for those who helped me rescue myself and I’m honored to offer this process to others.

with tons of love,





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