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Therapy & Counseling Services

Coming to therapy to work on yourself, your relationships, or your family can be a vulnerable experience.
When you come to see us to support your process you can expect us to be warm, containing, grounding, and ready to meet you where you are at.


We offer 50-60 min., 90 min., or 2-3 hour sessions based off of needs, resources, and treatment goals. We conduct in-person therapy services in Golden, CO. 

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Individual Therapy 

All of the therapists work with individuals as a part of a larger system. Individual therapy is specialized, goal oriented, and open to meet you where you are. All genders, all peoples, all sexual expressions, all identities welcome.

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Relationship Therapy

Relational work comes in all shapes and sizes. Couples, Premarital, marriage therapy, Polycule, Alt+ relationships + KINK, CNM/ENM, Open Relationships, and parent-child, siblings, and whole family systems are welcome.

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Throughout the year we provide a variety of offerings to our community. Online, in-person, groups, retreats and workshops are announced and posted about HERE.


Somatic Therapy is a way to relieve the tension in your body and mind that comes with trauma. Our counselors use a variety of techniques to put you in touch with yourself. 



EMDR therapy is an effective way to help you heal from a wide variety of conditions. Understanding the balance between your mind and body allows for healing to begin.

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Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis supports you to resolve long-standing blocks that keep you feeling stuck, small & limited so that you can reconnect to your innate health & well-being in all areas of your life.


Major Depression Therapy 

Depression is very common, but also very complex and individualized. Come to understand a way toward a better tomorrow. 


We provide grief and loss counseling services in both group and individual therapy for those who are mourning any type of loss. 


Stress & Anxiety

Don't let stress and anxiety control your daily life. Work with a counselor who understands and can help you manage life's stressors.

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