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Ketamine Assisted Therapy


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Natalie provides a safe and supportive container for transformative healing with ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP), the only currently legal psychedelic therapy available.

My approach to Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)


KAP is an experimental treatment increasingly used for various chronic and treatment-resistant issues like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), often after traditional treatment approaches have been unsuccessful.

My approach differs from other ketamine providers that work within a medical model with IV administration by a nurse, or self-administered sublingual lozenges. These medical providers do not typically offer integration support before, during, or after the ketamine experience. 

Psychedelics offer a tremendous potential for transformation as a tool to expand consciousness a.k.a. neural-plasticity (neural flexibility). KAP sessions involve your whole self (body, heart, mind, and spirit) during the subjective, conscious experience. If you think about depression, anxiety, and OCD as well warn paths in your neurophysiology and ketamine as an aide to help you establish a new path, this image is metaphorical of how KAP helps establish new thoughts, behaviors, emotional experiences different from your regular path. 


Psychedelics used recreationally, without a therapeutic container and guide, can induce an altered state of consciousness that has its own risks and benefits. In Psychedelic Assisted Therapies, the emphasis is on the therapy and the therapy is then exponentiated by the aide of a medicine that expands and alters consciousness default modes.

The importance of preparation before, holding presence and processing material that comes up during, and integration sessions are all necessary components of lasting healing. The therapeutic set and setting separates a trip from a sacred journey.

How can Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) compliment your healing path?

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a holistic modality in which ketamine is used as a complement to psychotherapy to help people experience more frequent breakthroughs and sustained improvement in symptoms.

 I offer KAP in partnership with an organization called Journey Clinical. I take on the psychotherapy portion of the experience, while Journey Clinical’s medical team supports you on all medical aspects. This includes determining eligibility, developing a custom treatment plan, prescribing the medicine and monitoring outcomes.


My Process for 
Ketamine Assisted Therapy

KAP journey work is offered to current clients of Natalie and to people independent of Natalie's caseload. The process is simple:

1. Preparation (medical eval + Prescription management w/medical team 1hr + Therapeutic intention/preparation w/Natalie 2 or 3h)

2. Ketamine Journey (2-3hr)

3. Integration Sessions (2 or 3hrs).


Each person is different and requires a unique and specialized approach to the therapeutic assisted side of this therapy. We, as a team, will talk about what is recommended for your particular case. 

Integration is Queen

Integration can process a seemingly "bad or uneventful trip" into the most necessary and life-changing "trip" of your life. The nervous system adapts and consolidates the gains experienced in the journey in the integration phase. Do you want an expensive short "trip" or do you want a journey to someplace new?

My therapeutic approach to KAP journeywork is threefold:

 1. Sacred and should be used with reverence, awe, and respect.

 2. When the conditions are right, healing happens (and sometimes these conditions are outside of our comfort zone!)

 3. Somatic Experiencing & Parts Work used in conjunction with PAT helps to facilitate (over time) secure attachment with self and a nourished and resilient Nervous System.

Image by NEOM

have a free 20 min consult with Natalie to explore if a Medicine Journey    is the next best step for YOU

"What I didn't THINK was trauma was actually deeply traumatic to my body"

KAP Client

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