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Couples Counseling and Relationship Therapy

Embarking on therapy for personal growth, relationship enhancement, or family well-being is a significant step. At our clinic, you will find a nurturing environment for couples therapy, therapy for relationships of all shapes and sizes, pre-marital and marriage counseling with experienced therapists who are warm, grounding, and ready to meet you at your current stage. We specialize in helping relationships who want to become more focused on building trust, improving communication, and fostering emotional connections.

Our approach is customized to address your unique challenges and goals, ensuring that every session contributes to your journey towards healing and a stronger relationship or marriage. We understand the demands of your schedule, offering various session lengths: 55 minutes, 1.5 hours, or 2-3-6 hour intensives. These options allow us to tailor our services to your specific needs and objectives. Our intensive sessions are ideal for in-depth exploration and meaningful progress. Committed to your personal and relational growth, we provide the tools and support necessary for enduring positive change, helping you cultivate resilience and deeper connections in your relationship.

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Symptoms in Your Relationship we can Help With

While everyone experiences relationships a little bit differently, here are some of the common symptoms of relationship dysfunction that would benefit from counseling:

  • mental chatter, rumination and/or racing thoughts about the relationship or partner(s)

  • a need to constantly move, plan, work, be busy, and/or difficulty checking in with each other​

  • Lack of feeling all emotions or can't feel specific emotions that should be part of the relationship

  • You feel annoyed by partner(s) feelings and communication style

  • Feeling disconnected from one another

  • Lack of passion and lack of prioritization of eroticism

  • hyper-vigilance (constant scanning and bracing) while in your relationship

  • Under-aware (missing important details, clumsy, easily distractible) in your relationship

  • Frequent complaining, blaming, defensiveness, inability to tolerate conflict resolution

  • Feeling unheard, unseen, unappreciated, undervalued

  • Communication issues

  • Avoidance and distraction of certain activities like engaging in sex or talking about sex, talking about finances, planning for life, work, kids.

  • Sexual dysfunction in one, both or all parties involved

  • Feeling powerless, unloved, stuck, hopeless, chronically fearful

  • When you communicate you go in circles, end up feeling worse, emotionally hurt one another

  • Emotional, Sexual, and/or Relational breaches of trust

  • Betrayals

  • Prioritizing other people, jobs, family, or substances over the primacy of your significant other(s).

  • Lack of empathy, validation, apology, ownership, and repair cycles.

  • Sexual issues like hypo-desire, erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma or ancestral sexual trauma

  • Jittery, numb, spinning, nausea, stagnancy, ungrounded, floaty, disorganized

  • Insecure, Avoidant, Ambivalent, and/or Disorganized Attachment experiences

Couples Therapy Can Help You Heal and get Deeply Connected 

Disconnect and pain in your relationship can impact all the areas of your life. The impact of not having the safe haven in your relationships you deserve is profound and felt in our heart, mind, body and spirit. When our nervous system is stuck firing fight, flight, and freeze because of relationship disconnect, betrayals, lack of prioritizing pleasure, and communication issues we experience symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder! Our physiology is designed to be in safe relationship and when we don't have that, our system will amass the protective threat response that is designed to keeps us safe, but further erodes emotional safety in relationships. 

We believe in the power of rupture and repair. We work with relationships to cultivate safety, emotional and sexual intelligence, enhance communication skills, and deepen intimacy through solutions based and highly effective interventions that create change on a systemic level.

Compass Healing Project's Approach to Couples Therapy

Relational therapy needs to be done by experienced, well-trained, and effective systems therapists. For your healing and growth to be transformative all partners must have the willingness to see how they contribute to the dynamic and the partnerships need to be able to attend regularly or do intensive therapy schedules. 


We approach couples and relational therapy through a systems lens, we don't see one person as the problem, but that all the people in the relationship contribute to the dysfunctional dynamic. There is not one "identified patient", rather the playing field is level in the distribution of responsibility for the issues. We feel you have the power to change the dynamic through intensive intervention from a somatic, attachment, and rupture-repair perspective.

Our primary couples therapy modality is PACT: Psychobiological Approach To Couples Therapy. But we also have training and experience with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman's Couples Therapy, Imago, and The Crucible Approach.

Begin Counseling at Compass Healing Project

You don’t have to live with dysfunction and dis-ease in your relationships. We can help build more connection and repair. Our Colorado and California counseling clinics have caring therapists who specialize in somatic relational therapy.


To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:




Start healing your heart, mind, body and spirit with Relational Therapy

Other Counseling Services at Compass Healing Project

At our foundational level we specialize in a somatic integrative approach. Along with EMDR, hypnotherapy, ketamine assisted therapy, Clinical Sexology, and embodiment to issues such as anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief and loss, sexuality, and couples and/or relationship work. Find more info and get to know us on our Blog Counseling can help bring healing and transformation from a holistic perspective here at Compass Healing Project. Our Colorado and California  practices have caring therapists who specialize in trauma resolution, emotional healing, and integrative therapy. Fill out this contact form and we'll help get you started.

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