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NeuroNutrient Nutritional and Targeted Amino Acid Therapy for body+brain balancing

Alongside my own trauma resolution journey I discovered the power of nutrition, feeding, fueling and loving on the body through food, herbs, and supplements on helping someone recover from stress, trauma, chronic distress, longterm physiological, relational, and emotional overwhelm.

Please note that in the healing of trauma it often takes a village, from multiple angles of support and many many many different healing practices. "There are a thousand ways to heal" and "you cannot heal in the environment that made you sick" are two NECESSARY themes to carry with you on your journey.

Food and adequate nutrition can be a fabulous ally to the healing process! I am now looking at and assessing what nutritional deficiencies needed to be corrected and what imbalances can be sorted out with food, supplements, and targeted amino acids. I'm really excited about bringing this to my practice and expanding my treatment skills as I look ahead to offering more online and in-person accessible programs, groups, written material, and workshops that fall under the necessary theme of mind, body, heart and spirit integration and wholeness. To read more about this and some of my other favorite modalities, please visit Therapy Services.

What a FULL year it as been so far! This year, I added a Nutrition, Targeted Amino Acid Therapy and Neuro-Nutrient Therapy arm to my practice, have been serving as a Lead Assistant for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, be ecstatic and proud of my husband Ryan Cooney charging forth with his own somatic coaching practice, Anam Luneta Life .

Most noteworthy for me however, is that I have had the honor to have worked with some of the most brave and amazing beings through repairing trauma, rediscovering strength, aliveness and true authenticity.

For now however, my caseload is currently close to any new incoming clients. It is great thing to have a practice so full, but it also means there is such a high need for somatic informed therapy and I'm continuing to work on a community of somatic trained therapists to lead the way, especially in North County San Diego. For a few other SE trained therapist please visit:

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