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Therapy & Counseling

Do you want to heal, want to feel connection, empowerment, and aliveness? 

This practice is crafted for people just like you. People that desire healing and transformation, have the willingness to look at their hurts, pains, and the connection between their inner/outer lives, and want a guide for their journey. 

Our Therapy Services.

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All of our therapists work with individuals as a part of a larger system. Individual therapy is specialized, goal oriented, and open to meet you where you are. All genders, all peoples, all sexual expressions, all identities welcome.

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Relational work comes in all shapes and sizes. Couples, Premarital, marriage therapy, Polycule, Alt+ relationships + KINK, CNM/ENM, Open Relationships, and parent-child, siblings, and whole family systems are welcome.

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Throughout the year we provide a variety of offerings to our community. Online, in-person, groups, retreats and workshops are announced and posted about HERE.

Our Team of Counselors.

Handpicked and vetted to provide transformative, deep, and lasting whole-person therapy. Meet the team.

We believe in the power of  YOU

You want to change, learn, and evolve in deep, meaningful, and lasting ways - so do we. Book a free 30-min consultation with a member of our team to get started now. 


Expert Trauma Resolution
Somatic Experiencing + EMDR

Flight, Fight, or Freeze can wreck havoc when you want connection and intimacy, or just to relax. Our work together can help you release these stuck responses and restore your ability to bounce back to a healthy rest state. 


As therapists, we are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all, regardless of gender, age, gender identity, race, health status, national origin, relationship status, relationship orientation, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion. LGBTQ-friendly and Transgender Safe Space.

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