Who I am

Natalie | Lead Therapist she|her

Compass Healing Project was created out of a passion to process and heal the whole self. The process of healing might be messy, like a project, but often worthwhile in the journey in becoming fully and deeply alive--Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.


As the lead therapist at Compass Healing Project, I invite you to explore what your healing project might be. I seek to support others in recovering their inner lives and relationships.


Through navigating and exploring the messages and signals we are getting from our mind, heart, body and soul we can allow and cultivate the deep inner compass of each person to emerge and heal. 

Expert Trauma Resolution | Somatic Experiencing& EMDR

Flight, Fight, or Freeze can wreck havoc when you want connection and intimacy, or just to relax. Our work together can help you release these stuck responses and restore your ability to bounce back to a healthy rest state. 

Just fill out the linked form and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours. Then, you can chat with us for 20 minutes to see if we can support you in your healing process.  

with care,

Natalie Cooney / LMFT/SEP / Lead Therapist