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Therapy + Counseling
in San Diego, CA [COMING SUMMER 2024!!] 
 Online for all of California

Do you want to heal, want to feel connection, empowerment, and aliveness? 

This practice is crafted for people just like you. People that desire healing and transformation, have the willingness to look at their hurts, pains, and the connection between their inner/outer lives, and want a guide for their journey. 

Our Therapy Services

We offer in-person therapy for the San Diego area from our office in San Diego, CA [COMING SOON, July 2024!], well as virtual therapy for clients across California. The depth of experience in our practice enables us to help people work through grief, depression, PTSD, trauma, sex and sexuality issues, relationship distress, and anxiety using holistic methods to foster the mind-body connection. We will help find the methods that will work best for you, whether that is somatic therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, NeuroAffective Relational Model, sex therapy, Ketamine Assisted Therapyhypnotherapy, group therapy, or couple's counseling

Individual therapy client

All of our somatic therapists work with individuals. Our individual therapy is specialized, goal oriented, and welcoming to meet you where you are, but provides the guidance and support for where you want to go.

joined hands in couple's therapy session

Relational work comes in all shapes and sizes. Couples & marriage therapy, Pre-marital, Polyamory, Alt+ relationships, sex therapy, KINK, CNM/ENM, Open Relationships, and parent-child, siblings, and whole family systems are welcome. 

painting in group therapy session

Throughout the year we provide a variety of offerings to our community. Online, in-person, retreats and group workshops are announced and posted about HERE.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Counseling & Therapy 

  • Anxiety Treatment

  • Stress Management

  • PTSD Counseling

  • Trauma Resolution

  • EMDR

  • Hypnotherapy


Expert Trauma Resolution
Somatic Experiencing + EMDR

Flight, Fight, or Freeze can wreck havoc when you want connection and intimacy, or just to relax. Our work together can help you release these stuck responses and restore your ability to bounce back to a healthy rest state. 

Coming to San Diego, CA?

Things To Do Around Town

We love our San Diego community! Grab a cup of cacao at Maya Moon Collective and connect in deeper to yourself at the beautiful Sunset Cliffs For a peaceful walk, reflect, and take in some nature. For views, art, and music, Balboa Park always has something exciting going on.


As therapists, we are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all, regardless of gender, age, gender identity, race, health status, national origin, relationship status, relationship orientation, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion. LGBTQ-friendly and Transgender Safe Space.

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Compass Healing Project
Therapy & Counseling in San Diego, CA + Online in California


Address & Directions

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: Closed

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