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Chronic Pain Group

Currently accepting 4 - 8 adults for a12-week virtual therapy group to support those struggling with chronic pain.

In this 12-week therapy group, you will be supported to go beyond just coping and managing with the pain you experience, to identifying and reducing or alleviating the root causes of pain on all levels - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.


You will have the opportunity to identify and reduce (or potentially) resolve your physical health issues (pain, digestion, stress) through practices, such as hypnotherapy, somatic trauma resolution therapy, IFS, and experiential embodiment practices, including EFT Tapping, essential oils, embodiment, breathwork, and Shadow Work that are designed to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, nervous system regulation, to deepen your mind-body connection, release physical pain, and improve digestion - so that you can reconnect with safety and ease in your body and shift from struggling, tolerating and surviving, to thriving in every area of your life.

You did not come here to struggle and survive. You came here to thrive. It’s time. Answer the call.

Group Details

Dates and Time

Offered on a rolling basis. Sign up below to receive updates for our next session.


$100 per session - this is a closed group, so please consider in advance whether you are able to commit to the entire 12-week group.

Sliding Scale

A limited number of reduced-rate spots are available for clients who need them. Every client who is able to pay the full rate is fostering the capacity to offer a lower rate to people who would benefit from this group but otherwise cannot afford it.


While not required, these are *highly suggested* supplies to receive the maximum benefit of the practices we will be doing in this therapy group. 

- Black Spruce essential oil
- Neroli essential oil
- Rose Absolute essential oil
- Vetiver essential oil
5# or 10# sandbag

Links are for examples only. You’re welcome to purchase whatever color / style you like.

Coregous ball

Essential Oils - there are a ton of essential oil purveyors out there. Some are fantastic, while others contain harmful or even toxic chemicals in them. The linked companies are reputable and offer high-quality oils. - these come prediluted for safe use and you are welcome to use code GraceFreeShipping to get FREE shipping & handling
Mountain Rose Herbs
Kamalas Own
Living Libations
Young Living

Image by Oscar Nord

Your Therapist

Grace J. Willow, MA, LPCC, NCC, CPC, LMT

Grace is a holistic somatic psychotherapist, mentor, teacher, certified professional embodiment coach, and #1 best-selling author. 

She offers non-traditional wholistic (whole person), somatic (body-centric), transpersonal psychotherapy, and integrates her background in professional coaching, energy healing, bodywork, mentoring, and teaching to facilitate profound transformation with her clients.


To learn more about Grace and more ways to work with her, click here.


Fill out the form below to be contacted by Grace to book a 30-min consultation to determine is this group is a good fit for you. If so, you'll be added to the waitlist to be notified when at least 4 adults indicate interest and/or register.

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