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Zachary Nathaniel Gart  he/him

Integrative Somatic Psychotherapist


In-Person (Golden, CO) + Virtual (CO)


  • Complex Trauma/Childhood Trauma

  • Trauma Resolution

  • Embodiment/Body Connection

  • PTSD and Stress Disorders

  • Physical Health Issues/Chronic Conditions

  • Relational and Emotional Distress

  • Couples and Relationships

  • Men’s Issues/Men's Work

  • Death and Bereavement

  • Anxiety and Depression

Orientation to therapy: Relational/Humanistic, Somatic, Whole-Person/Epigenetic (intergenerational/Ancestral), Parts Work, Family Systems, Gestalt Therapy, Internal Family Systems/Voice Dialogue, Spiritual/Transpersonal, Mindfulness-based Counseling

In-Person (Golden)+ Online sessions
50 min session: $155
90 min session: $215

Education + Specialized Trainings

Naropa Masters Degree in Counseling

Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM Level 2) - NARM Institute for Healing Complex Trauma

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral (700 hrs) (BCST) - Colorado School of Energy Studies
Blueprint Resonance/Verbal Skills (in process) (Mixture of Diamond Approach, Somatic Experiencing, BCST, Trauma Resolution/Integration)
Embodied Yoga Studies (CYT 200 hrs) - Prana Vinyasa Yoga
Trauma and Bodywork (720 hrs) - Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork
4 Gateways Approach - Mens Leadership Alliance
Aikido (20 years of Practice)

Why I do this work:

I am glad you’re here and choosing to go after the life you want. I respect you taking this next step and I am privileged to walk with you on your journey. I am doing the work too and I know it’s not easy. In transparency, life has offered me some tremendous challenges but as I started to invest in knowing myself and my inner landscape, I found a home, a calm, and an ease of connection with myself and others. My journey has brought me to places and feelings I never thought possible. It’s a great honor and my life’s work to support others in their transformations. 


Perhaps you’re looking for more authenticity, greater connection in your relationships or more energy to live your life how you really want to. In therapy we work to create a rock solid foundation for navigating life’s challenges. We will explore through understanding, feeling and experiencing our true health. Maybe you already know about your trauma, you have anxiety, depression, or parts of you that limit or hold you back, or just know you want more. I know and have traveled to these places and back.


My personal therapy journey was supported by talking through and understanding my feelings, family dynamics and my pain. This was incredibly helpful, but traditional talk therapy has its limitations. Through depth somatic therapies and guidance from skilled and attuned somatic therapists, I developed confidence in feeling my emotion and connecting with my body. I found I could integrate and change on a cellular level, instead of trying to change my thoughts and feelings from effort alone in traditional therapy. It was in these spaces, with somatic therapies, that I found out how to transform these true challenges, the betrayals and heartbreaks and the other memories that get stored in our nervous systems. As my capacity and confidence grew, I was related more to my internal world and my body, I began to process through the pain and found greater ease and freedom to be more and more authentic. 


My approach in therapy is warm, honest, and direct. I don’t believe in staying in therapy forever and I will ardently hold your intention with you as we focus each session on what you really want for yourself. I believe in getting to work and living life. As a somatic therapist, we will look to our body's experience, reactions and physical symptoms as a pathway for health and healing. I integrate mindfulness, parts work and other somatic and relational techniques to help us navigate in manageable, safe, transformative, and effective ways.


Call or text me to set up a free consultation and let’s make a plan for your first session. Let’s do this!

with care,





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