NeuroNutrient and Amino Acid Therapy 

Food, Mood, & Adrenal Health Consultations

When recovering from trauma, overwhelm, longterm physiological, psychological and/or emotional stress it is quite beneficial to support the feeding, fueling, and repairing of the worn-down body systems with nutritional and neurotransmitter support.


Eating or not eating for emotional relief, cravings, addiction to energizing, comforting or stress reducing foods indicate nutritional and neurotransmitter deficiencies and disturbances in the gut-brain system.


You may not be interested in doing psychological work, but want tools, control, balance, and mood support from a nutritional therapy perspective. If this is the case, seeing me as your Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider might be exactly what you are looking for.

$175 per hour

*Additional testing and recommended food/supplement costs not included.

Somatic Experiencing

with Ryan at Anam Luneta Integrative Healing

Medical and physical trauma, stress, chronic Illness, and shame can create a life that longs for wholeness, flow, goodness, and restored resiliency. Somatic Experiencing is a down-to-earth, gentle, and profoundly powerful process of unpacking what the body has been carrying, releasing what needs to be released and integrating what has been stuck in the nervous system for the re-alignment of your natural resilience.

To read more about this integrative healing service go to or contact Ryan directly at 760-717-5405 or

$135 per hour

Retreat-Style Intensives for Individuals or Couples

Want more than an hour a week?

Marathon style therapeutic sessions and experiences for individuals and couples, facilitated by body-integrative approaches adds the sometimes necessary space, time, and fuel that is needed to dig into the depths, change patterns, and facilitate deeper integration.


With longer time, oftentimes over the course of a day or a few back to back days, we can unpack, install, and facilitate a deeper healing experience and create faster change do to the adherence to the facilitated injury and repair cycle, periods of rest for integration after processing trauma, and be a place for renewal after burnout. This, plus adding on learning touch, communication, self-regulation techniques, and nutritional consultation, all within the same weekend or over the series of a few days of back to back therapeutic intervention, might be the perfect environment for integrative healing for you.

Coming in 2020

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